Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Announcing Amanda Hope's "The Museum of Resentments"


“I am good at affliction,” writes Amanda Hope, “and sky.” This is true. The poems in The Museum of Resentments offer lament and potent imagery in surprising and insightful pairings. Hope’s portraits of domestic disintegration and its aftermath are sometimes confrontational, sometimes self-deprecating, sometimes tender, sometimes stark, and always stylish and compelling. 
Natalie Shapero


Amanda Hope writes, “Listen: I am going to hide myself in this poem/ in the heart of it, and maybe someone (you) / will find me” which best describes her notable debut collection. Hope is a master of metaphor and simile which she employs to create a meta-experience for the reader and meanwhile she’s “ignoring for the sake of metaphor...”. Yes, she is hiding behind her own truth-spinning which is nothing short of human. I encourage you to find her! 
Kevin McLellan

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