Friday, August 19, 2016

Kathryn Kulpa's "Girls on Film"

Girls on Film

“Girls on Film is a flash fiction collection delving into our obsession with celebrity and image. Limiting herself to under one-thousand words per story, author Kathryn Kulpa produces a rich hybrid of short story and poetry, abundant with imagery and dense in lyricism.”
–South Coast Almanac

“As the compelling title suggests, Girls on Film explores the world of cinema and show business, but with a twist--these beautiful and delicate works of prose are not just another facile look at the seedy side of Hollywood. Instead, troubled child stars and bygone actresses have never looked so real (and so vulnerable) on the page ... Girls on Film ropes you in and keeps you reading until the very last, aching word.”
–Gwendolyn Kiste, author and editor of A Shadow of Autumn

“With wit, pathos, and fresh insight, Kulpa captures the essence of American young-womanhood in eight loosely connected flash portraits. Each story is a small world, lean as a haiku and powerful as a novel. You’ll read this
collection in a single, fascinated sitting—and return to it again, and again.”
–Karen Rile, founding editor, Cleaver Magazine

“The women in these finely crafted stories chafe against being infantilized by men and by society even as they long for carefree childhoods that are often only imaginary. ‘Sometimes when I’m alone in my room at night I’m afraid to look in the mirror. If there’s no one to see me will I disappear?’ the narrator of ‘American Blonde’ asks. The women in Girls on Film all fear erasure, but are far too memorable, too precisely drawn, to ever be forgotten.”
–Lisa Borders, author of The Fifty-First State and Cloud Cuckoo Land

“We come to Girls on Film steeped in the very myths of celebrity that these stories deftly and intimately expose with authority, wit, and a sharp eye for detail. While regret and wonder at life’s turns are woven throughout these moving and beautifully crafted pieces, hope is never in short supply. Kathryn Kulpa is a masterful writer.”
–Hester Kaplan, author of Unravished

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