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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2012 Chapbook winner - The Rules of Night Migration

Pamela Gross’ voice commands confidence even as her language astonishes. Through her masterful mapping of both the night sky and the flight of migratory birds, we learn that our suspicions regarding nature’s transience and beauty are well-founded. Indeed, “our lives are subject to the same slippage/underfoot that bares this beach.” (from Bottle Beach: Spring Migration) Ms. Gross’ unique use of enjambment and kennings (“wet-cast,” “twig-thick”) emerge song-like throughout this slim volume. She sings with the expertise of one proficient not only in the life habits of birds, but in the ultimate human task: experiencing parsed measures of grief and joy.
--Judith Skillman, author, Prisoner of the Swifts

Pamela Gross combines a meticulous attention to the details of birds, a fine-tuned rendition of myth, and a vibrant imagination to give us a subtle and moving celebration of life. Through careful reflection and precision of craft, The Rules of Night Migration gracefully incorporates loss in its “arrow shower of song.”
—Judith Kitchen, poetry reviewer, author of Half in Shade

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